Thank you for all of the "Health Care Heroes" my thoughts and prayers are with all of you; be safe, stay healthy and stay #HillsdaleStrong!!

Lisa Miller

Thanks for taking care of my grandmother

Approximately two years ago my grandmother was admitted to the Skilled Nursing Facility at Hillsdale Hospital. They did great job taking care of my my grandmother. She was there over Thanksgiving and they made arrangements for my aunt and cousins to come and visit her and have Thanksgiving with her. [...]

Betty Wetzel

Taking care of my mom

About two years ago my Mom was admitted to the Skilled Nursing Facility at Hillsdale Hospital. They did a fantastic job of taking care of my mom got her well very professional very courteous they were a pleasure to work with thank you so much for taking care of my mom you all are awesome. Also a [...]

Connie Wetzel

Proud Nana

Thank you, for having a state of the Art birthing center and Providers that care for My Family ...Like they are their Family, too! [...]

Nina Smith

Great Providers=Great outcome!

Thank you for have great Providers that are diligent about annual physicals.
My husband's, prostate cancer was detected early and because of that, he is active , enjoying life on our farm, plus getting several rounds of golf in.
Thank you,
Hillsdale Hospital [...]

Nina Smith

Thank you, Health Care Heroes!

Thank you to all of our health care heroes in Hillsdale County for protecting and caring for us.

Hillsdale Hospital and their ER department cared for me over year ago during the one of the scariest times of my life. They made decisions and gave care that SAVED my life. I will never forget the [...]

Sarah Smith